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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the Process of Human Intelligence by machines. In general, AI is cognitive functions those are solved by human mind or modern machines. Enterprises experiments with AI, to enrich advance functionality (Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Neural Networks) into the businesses. AI based products are Speech Recognition (Google Assistance, Apple Siri, Cortana), Learning (Microsoft Cognitive Services), Planning (Amazon Web Services), Problem solving (IBM Watson Assistant). We design and develop AI Applications, transform business functions, build block and unlock data intelligence and customize integrated solutions on AI.

Components of (AI) Artificial intelligence:

AI Applications: (Image Recognition, Speech Recognition, Chatbots, Natural Language Generation, Sentiment Analysis)
AI Technology: (Automation (Robotic Process Automation), Machine Learning (Deep Learning) and Neural Networks)
AI Software/Hardware: (GPUs, Parallel Processing Tools, Cloud Data Storage)
AI Programming: (Python, TensorFlow, Java and C)

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